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Welcome to your DEMO Game

What is Daniel eating?
What animal is on the rock
next to the tadpole?
Where does Deedely Dee
and her family live?
What do the Imagineland kids find in the ground?
Is Deedely Dee bigger or smaller than the Imagineland kids?
What do the ducklings eat for their tea?
What colour beak does Deedely Dee have?
What does Alex have in his hand?
What type of animal is Deedely Dee?
How many Ducklings does Deedely Dee have?
How many ducklings does Deedely Dee have?
What colour is the worm?
What colour is Deedely Dee's Beak
What did the children find that started with the letter 'b'
What was the first letter of the food Sofia found?
Your new question!
What did the children pick from the tree?

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