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Family Engagement

If you are seeking a way in which you can be more involved in your child’s development but would like some professional guidance, Imagineland is for you. Our unique platform works to create and preserve intergenerational relationships through learning and provides opportunities for important conversations with your child/children.

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Family Involvement

With the appeal of screens and the inevitable increase in digital learning, knowing your child is accessing developmentally appropriate and beneficial content is a must. Imagineland has been created to enhance family engagement in education via a safe digital format.

Children and adults can work through the activities and follow up questions together, the child-friendly mode can be enabled to make specific content accessible without the need for a parent or guardian to navigate. With many of the games also available offline, Imagineland makes it easy to access quality educational content anywhere, anytime.

Through extensive research and professional expertise, our platform delivers intellectual, physical, emotional and social benefits, and improved social and communication skills. Imagineland gives parents and carers the necessary tools to support their children to develop into intelligent, confident and self-aware individuals.

Why Imagineland?

If you are tired of children’s learning websites that masquerade as educational but do not deliver or create opportunities for real learning or family engagement, then Imagineland is the solution. Developed by psychologist Dr Charles Margerison and a team of educational specialists, Imagineland is child-centric, offers age-appropriate educational content and is built with family engagement in mind.

As passionate early childhood educators and specialists, our team’s goal is to make education fun, well-balanced and spark a lifelong love of learning within your child. We support parents and carers to participate in their child’s learning and give them the tools to do this effectively. This is just another reason why Imagineland should be your first choice in online learning resources.

To experience the wonders of Imagineland and enhance opportunities for meaningful family engagement in your home, sign up for our free trial today.

Conversation Starters

The importance of conversation and listening is paramount to a child’s development.

Imagineland’s Conversation Starters have been created by early learning specialists to support and increase shared experiences between children and their carers for ultimate family engagement. An added benefit of this resource is that it actively promotes language, phonic awareness and cognitive development through the exchanging of ideas, opinions and thoughts.

Conversation Starters help busy parents and carers quickly gain information on new Imagineland characters and their stories. This provides families with opportunities to continue discussion around what their child is currently focussed on and has learnt that day.

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Child Friendly Mode

Is it safe for my kids to use? Yes!

The Imagineland child friendly interface – Child Mode – has been specifically designed to provide parents and carers with peace of mind in knowing their little ones are in safe hands when using the Imagineland platform independently on a smart device.

After switching the Imagineland website over to the ‘Child Mode’ interface, children can watch, listen and learn from the songs and stories and play the games of their favourite Imagineland characters. There is no need to worry about the grown-up stuff getting in the way of their journey of discovery through Imagineland.

Once the parent/carer is ready to return to the full site, the ‘Parent Mode’ interface button is selected and a numerical code is entered to allow the site to switch back over.

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