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Take a break from life’s busy day to day schedule and escape to Imagineland where a sense of fun and adventure awaits. Allow the colourful characters, music and humour of the stories to provide fun and engaging experiences for you, your child and family, as a whole!

This resource has been developed as an exciting learning tool to encourage children’s curiosity and creativity. It can be used independently by the child or used as a shared experience as a family, with a wide range of games and activities to suit children aged from two to six years.

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Available on any internet-enabled device


For the best user experience we recommend Google chrome web browser

Conversation Starters

A unique aspect of the Imagineland resource is the conversation starters. These can be used after sharing the stories with a child, allowing for conversations to be extended and opportunities for learning to occur, increasing language, phonic awareness, and cognitive development along the way.

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