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Early Childhood Education Tools

Just as we celebrate important milestones such as first words and first steps, we should also celebrate children’s ongoing understanding of the world around them. We understand that work and family commitments can mean some of these moments are shared between the parents, carers and educators that make up a child’s community. Through the use of early childhood education tools such as Imagineland, this crossover between the classroom and home can be a collaborative approach.

Imagineland is designed to complement the learning program of early education centres and provide families with more opportunities for learning at home.

Young Asian lady with a toddler lying on the ground drawing on paper.
Young family with two girls and a lady at a desk with coloured pencils and paper drawing

Early Childhood Education

Toddlers sitting cross legged on the carpet holding ipads.

Early childhood education can happen in a number of settings, from family daycare to preschools and long daycare centres. The educational programming in these settings is designed to be appropriate to the ages of the children and reflect the child’s individual interests and learning goals.

Imagineland complements this by providing opportunities for extension of learning both within the chosen care environment and at home. Our platform allows for connections between carers and parents/guardians and the ability to further enhance a child’s development through this sharing. This is just one way in which Imagineland stands out as the ultimate in early childhood education tools.

Early Learning

Early learning programming is designed to target key learning and developmental areas for children. These areas include activities for advancing fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive development and language development.

Early childhood education tools, such as the platform offered by Imagineland, complement your early childhood planning and curriculum, and help to ensure programming remains fresh, diverse and engaging. Developed by psychologist Dr Charles Margerison and a team of educational specialists, Imagineland
is a resource that is designed to support children’s development
in the formative years between 2-6.

Never be at a loss for new ideas and exciting activities. With Imagineland, you can have complete faith that every activity has been created with optimal child development in mind. Enjoy the crossover between home learning and care while watching little minds flourish and grow.

teacher sitting in the middle of four students at a desk looking at a piece of paper.

Early Childhood Development and Imagineland

With so many educational resources available, all often offering the same thing, what makes Imagineland one of the best early childhood educational tools? Imagineland is:

  • Wholly unique: all stories and songs have been written specifically for our platform with key learning areas in mind.
  • We have engaged a host of talented artists and musicians to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind learning experience.
  • Developed by experts: the innovators of this program are highly educated experts in child development.
  • Easy to navigate: with both a collaborative mode for adult/child interaction and a child-friendly mode for simplified play, the program offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Offline or online: offline play is available for portability and allowing for continued education opportunities in the outdoors when wifi connection is unavailable.
  • Social and communication skills: conversation starters encourage interaction between adults and children, fostering better relationships and creating learning opportunities.
  • Australian developed and owned: although we’re based in Queensland, you can be sure our products are created for kids around the world who are learning and growing in childcare centres with relevant curriculum frameworks to achieve success.
  • Creates consistency: we are designed to help close the gap and streamline learning between home and care environments for the benefit of children.

Choose the best in early childhood educational tools – trial Imagineland for free and experience its benefits in your centre today.

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