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Educational Overview

Imagineland provides an educational experience in the Early Years, covering multiple developmental domains and topical areas. This allows educators, teachers and families to achieve outcomes for their child in both the classroom and home environment. Imagineland is a resource that will continue to grow with the child/children, and extend on their interests, abilities and learning from year to year. The stories and characters have a focus on sustainability, environments, friendships, developing new skills, morals and creating a healthy mindset.


Offline Activities


Having the ability to take the stories and songs away from a device is an added benefit of the product for teachers and families. The offline activities promote extension of the learning within the stories, build on character development, and allow children the ability to grow and learn outside the classroom.

Early Years Programs

The Imagineland site allows educators and teachers to download programs that will complement their classroom learning and documentation. The programs have been written to support children’s learning across all of the developmental domains and make linkable outcomes.


Creative Arts


Imagineland promotes creativity at every stage, with multiple experiences to explore through songs, music, rhythm and rhyme. With access to colouring pages, and online art experiences, thus allowing children the ability to express themselves in the avenue they choose.

Games for Cognitive and Fine Motor Skills

Imagineland has designed games that promote cognitive development in memory and recall, along with games that allow practice and promotion of fine motor skills in a drag and drop opportunity. All games link back to character education and the moral of each story.

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