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Edition #3 Little learners love learning!

Have you thought about how you support your child or the children in your early learning centre to learn? There is always an opportunity to learn, to grow and share knowledge with every individual, just how we do that is the key.

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Welcome to Explore Imagineland!

Donny Dolphin, Gangly and Gorgeous, Fuzzy Wuzzy who will we meet next? A host of original characters including the Imagineland kids, Alex, Amy, Daniel, and Sophia ignite creativity and learning for little ones around the world. Little learners love to sing, dance, learn and play. Imaginations flourish and new developmental skills are fostered.

Little learners love learning!?

Learning is all around us.

Deedely Dee the pink mother duck at the edge of her pond with Amy, Alex, dan and Sophia.Now, there is no right or wrong way to learn, and we all do it differently!
While we have similarities as we grow and develop from babies to early learners, to teens and then into adulthood – no two people will ever be the same – just like our fingerprints – no two people are ever the same!

What ideally should be similar though in our community is the enthusiasm to encourage and promote learning every day. Regardless of the way we learn and the community enthusiasm should d start from a young age!
As co-founder of Apple,  Steve Jobs said – ‘Learn continually. There’s always ‘ one more thing’  to learn!’ How true is that?

Have you thought about how you support your child or the children in your early learning centre to learn? There is always an opportunity to learn, to grow and share knowledge; 😊 Whether it be in an everyday experience such as a trip to the shops, reading a story together, prompting conversation, singing a song, or as simple as watering the garden and smelling the flowers!

The team at Explore Imagineland believe that we can always learn, and sparking a love of learning in children from a young age is vital! Encouraging and enhancing learning in the early years can help a child enjoy lifelong learning.

In Imagineland our characters are always sharing their learning experience…just like when the Imagineland Kids meet the Gnomes from Gnomeland and learn. You’ll just have to take a journey and explore Imagineland to find out more!

Be sure to learn something new for you and your child today!

Happy Learning 😊

Have you read our blog?

Imagineland kids Amy, Alex, Daniel and Sophia celebrating with arms in the air, in Imagineland.

Little learners ignite curiosity in Explore Imagineland!

Curiosity is defined as – a strong desire to know or learn something!

Learning something new is what children in their early years are very good at! Children between the ages of 0-5 do the majority of their brain development at this time, 90% of their brain development in fact!

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Donny Dolphin smiling.

Who shall we meet today?

Donny Dolphin, can’t wait to say hello! He has an important message to teach and share with you all. Communicating is fun and we all communicate in different ways, and that’s O.K.! With big friendly eyes and a smile that says ‘hello’ Donny is one friendly fellow.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that dolphins love to chat? Scientists have found that through gestures and a wide range of noises they do indeed communicate. Just like Donny Dolphin in the Imagineland story. Next time you’re at the seaside, listen carefully, you may just be able to hear Donny and friends from afar!

A note from Dr Charles Margerison

Early in life, the character of every child is formed by our experiences at home and school. How can we support that in positive ways?

When searching for an entertaining and educational resource, let your curiosity take you to Imagineland. It is a fun place where early learners can meet friendly, original characters, who have engaging stories set to music.

There are many diverse and colourful characters who each have an important moral or message to share with young children. An eclectic mix of friendly faces ignites children’s natural curiosity and creativity.

Hairy Herby is a caterpillar, passionate about his habitat and the environment.
Roley Poley, a funny blue mole is filled with confidence and teaches kids about perseverance and keeping fit.
Deedely Dee the duck is kind and caring.
Kangy the Surfer is a cool kangaroo who loves to be surf and sun-safe,

Each story is set to toe-tapping, hand-clapping, hip-swinging original song and music. You’ll be up and dancing along with the little ones, it’s all about fun and getting involved, sharing the experience.

Students learn most by participating with others in group play and discussion. In doing so, they share ideas. This is important, as they develop their language and thinking skills.

Imagineland is a place where students can develop their creative skills and social skills at the same time. Curious children listen to the stories, sing the songs and play games, educators and parents can use the resources to support and enhance learning concepts.
Imagineland assists students while encouraging them to put ideas into action. Explore Imagineland has been developed by teachers for use in Early childhood education by teachers and parents/carers.

Imagineland is a place for exploration and excitement.
See you in Imagineland!🌞

YouTube meet Imagineland! Deedley Dee, fuzzy Wuzzy and Roley Poley with the YouTube play icon

Discover our favourite songs and character interviews on the Explore Imagineland YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe! Here your early learner can sing, dance, listen and learn with their favourite Imagineland characters. If you haven’t already, go and check it out. Click the button below!

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Until Next time, Keep Smiling!🌈

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