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December! What a month to remember

Fuzzy Wuzzy, Deedely Dee, Pompey the Pelican and a host of original characters including the Imagineland kids, Alex, Amy, Daniel, and Sofia ignited creativity and learning for little ones around the world.

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Explore Imagineland!

More than just the “new kid on the block” in the space of websites for children!

Explore Imagineland has a focus on learning through creativity, learning through songs and stories, and learning with grown-ups! Now’s the time to gain FREE trial access for a limited time! Now’s the time for quality engagement and learning with your little one, grandchildren, or children in the classroom!

Explore Imagineland has launched with 12 unique characters that delight and inspire children and adults alike! Each character’s story creatively uncovers a moral which children can engage with. The stories also reveal learning opportunities to discover personal character traits and delve into emotions.

Early Learners get creative

Explore Imagineland has interactive games for children to enjoy, enabling an increase of cognitive skills, exposure to language, and the ability to get creative.

For the Educator’s exploring Imagineland’s characters and stories allows for continued teaching moments, spontaneous exploration of topics and experiences that can meet developmental domains. Worried about screen time? Imagineland has activities that allow you to take the product ‘offline’.

Explore Imagineland also has a unique children’s interface that allows grown-ups to set a safe engaging platform for children to use independently.

Developed by a psychologist and with educator and teacher input, the site aims to meet all the key areas of learning through play and imagination!

The Founder – Psychologist and Entrepreneur – Dr Charles Margerison Dr Charles has been developing inspirational and exciting learning platforms and educational content for many years.

Amazing People Worldwide –

Amazing People Worldwide is the home of the world’s largest collection of inspirational life stories, articles, news about amazing people. We inspire people to discover their purpose and reach their full potential.


Amazing People Schools –
Unlocking the amazing potential of every student. An award-winning, whole-school approach to character and wellbeing.


On the back of the success of APS – Dr Charles Margerison wanted to provide a fun, engaging, and creative learning tool to spark early learners’ imaginations while learning through play. We know that creativity in children has overwhelmingly positive effects including intellectual benefits, physical benefits, emotional and social benefits, and the improvement of social communication skills.

When children use their imagination in play, they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities that help them understand the world in which they live and their relation to it; they’re also learning to problem solve, creating new possibilities, that in time could even change the world.

Who shall we meet today?

Roley Poley is a champion mole with a heart of gold. He is the world champion of rolling down hills. Roely Poley is confident and dedicated to living a healthy and active life. He encourages others to do the same. Go out, get fit and have fun!

A note from Dr Charles Margerison

The new year is a time for important resolutions, a time to experience new things, and a time for embracing your imagination and creativity. I created the wonderful world of Imagineland to bring smiles to my family’s faces and inspire their imaginations to grow.
It is a place where early learners can go on amazing journeys to meet colourful and original
characters like Hairy Herby, a caterpillar who encourages children to help protect and understand the environment in which they live. You’ll also meet Roley Poley, a champion mole whose positivity and dedication introduce children to an active and healthy lifestyle. Oh, there’s also Bizzy Buzzy Bee who buzzes around and doesn’t ever seem to stop!

Explore Imagineland encourages children’s natural curiosity and ignites their imaginations. Educators, parents, and carers will enjoy the educational aspects of the resource but hopefully, sing and dance along with the children. Just watch how their positive attitudes flourish as they learn how to develop new skills with their Imagineland friends.

Imagineland is a place for exploration and excitement. See you in Imagineland!

Fun Fact

From sleepy tales to an imaginary world at your fingertips. Explore Imagineland grew from simple bedtime stories he created for his grandchildren, Alex, Amy, Daniel and Sofia. The evolution of Explore Imagineland is here for you to discover and share with your family.

Explore Imagineland benefits

  • Early Years Planning Content For Educators.
  • Conversation Starters Tools for Families/Centres.
  • Articles for Centre/Nursery Use.
  • Online and Offline Options for Children and Families.
  • Classroom Activities Templated and Downloadable.
  • Games That Promote Cognitive, Fine Motor, and Literacy Skills.
  • Fresh content and resources added monthly.
  • Ad-Free Resource.
  • Safe for Child Use Independently.
  • For Use on Smart Boards, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices.
  • Multi-Year and Multi-Centre Subscription Discounts Available.
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