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Imagining Imagineland!

By Nicole Hicks, Early Years Specialist

From bedtime stories and humble beginnings to the imaginations of all children around the world.

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Promoting positive psychology and sparking imaginations has been a goal of our founder Dr Charles Margerison’s for many years now.

Dr Charles has worn many esteemed hats throughout his career, psychologist, a university lecturer, published author and entrepreneur.

Along with academic accolades, Dr Charles is a proud grandparent and a grandparent that has shared his love of developing creative imagination and literature with his family for many years. And, because of his passion for  creative learning and development, the seeds of Imagineland were sewn.

A bedtime ritual develops –

Dr Charles Margerison and colourful, original characters of ImaginelandDuring the bedtime ritual of telling and sharing stories, Charles would create characters, each with their own tale to tell his grandchildren. In seeing their delight he would expand on the adventures of the characters, and the message each story represented. The stories brought such delight to his grandchildren many years ago, and as such, they have never been forgotten.

In the last few years, Charles has revisited these storytelling moments capturing the wonder and fun from those childhood tales. Those memories now form the basis of the characters and stories that embody “Explore Imagineland”.

Capturing creativity –

Along with the original and unique colourful creations and stories, Dr Charles Margerison wanted to provide a fun, engaging and creative learning support platform to spark children’s imaginations while learning through play.

Capturing creativity in children has overwhelmingly positive effects including; intellectual benefits, physical benefits, emotional and social benefits, plus the improvement of social communication skills. It’s been shown that when children use their imagination in play, they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities. These learnings help children understand the world in which they live and their relation to it. The children are learning to problem solve, creating new possibilities, that in time could even change the world.

Igniting imaginations –

Imagineland kids Amy, Alex, Daniel and Sophia celebrating with arms in the air, in Imagineland.

From the imagination of our founder to the imagination of all children around the world, Explore Imagineland is a delight for all! 

And who knows, where the spark of creativity and imagination can lead to next!



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